Dr. Yousif Al Sharif

  • Holding a Doctorate in Shari`a & Islamic studies, Master in Comparative Jurisprudence and licentiate in Legislation & Law.

  • An Advocate in the United Arab of Emirates, a member in the International Bar and a local Arbitrator at different Arbitration Centers.

  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees at “Al Bayan Center for Studies & Researches”.

  • Vice-Chairman of the “Consultative Council of Sharjah”, Chairman of legislative, legal, complaining, suggestive and appellant committee in the Council since 2007 to 2011.

  • Legal Advisor for Sharjah radio & television since 2006 to 2010.

  • An accredited Expert at the Supreme Court in Los Anglos – California, United States of America.

  • Lecturer at Al Imam Malik University for Law & Legislation in Dubai in 2006.

  • A member in the “Model Schools` Board of Trustees” in Dubai since 2010 to 2011.

  • President of the legal committee at “UAE Football Association” since 2008 till this date.

  • A member in the “Appeal Committee” in the “Football Organizing Committee” at the “Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf” since 2011 till this date.

  • A member in “Sharjah Football Management Company” since 2009 to 2012.

  • An Expert in early childhood programs related to the education programs at UNICEF.

  • Arranged and presented many television and radio programs on TV channels and radio stations, such as:

    • “Hewar Al Kanoon”, “Al Adala” and “Ba`ad Al Modawala” programs on Sharjah channel.

    • “Al Mizan” program on Libra channel.

    • “Al Daawa Amma” program on Sama Dubai channel.

    • “Saied Al Adela” weekly program on Sharjah radio since 2006 to 2010.

    • “Estashir Welkheir Beyseer” program on Abu Dhabi Quran radio channel.

    • “Vitamin Kaf” program on Abu Dhabi Quran radio channel (Ramadan 2012).

  • Participated as a guest in many TV and radio programs for his continuous participation in

  • “Estesharat” section on Sama Dubai Channel.

  • Complied many books and performed various studies and researches in legislation, law and social cases, such as:

  • “The primary roots to guarantee child`s rights in the antiquity”.

  • “Abwab Maftooha w`Okool Mafdooha”.

  • “Azwag Bekaid Al Ne`ag”.

  • “Patient`s Behaviors, Death Disease” (comparative study between Shari`a and law) … (pending for printing)

  • “Muslim Families` situation overseas” … (pending for printing)

  • “Association of humanity”… (pending for printing)

  • “They asked me!” (Important questions and answers related to the society)… (pending for printing).

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