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«ميدوسا».. والتقليد الأعمى

جريدة الإمارات اليوم


للأسف التقليد الأعمى أصبح عادة الأجيال الصاعدة، يجدون ما يسمونه بالـ«ترند» على السوشيال ميديا، ويسعون بكل جهودهم إلى أن يقلدوه ويحذوا حذوه، ويفعلوا مثله كي «يركبوا الترند» بلغة شباب هذه الأيام، دون الوضع في الاعتبار أي عواقب سلبية يمكن أن تحدث عند متابعة الترند المتصدر.

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 

محامي في دبي 


محامي في دبي 


We are pleased to give you a brief idea about our legal firm and the various professional matters we handle, in addition to profiles of our legal team, their curriculum vitae, area of specialization and skills, together with shedding light on our firm’s activities and participations.

As we take this opportunity to display the outstanding achievements of the work team of Yousuf Al Sharif & Associates, Advocates and legal Consultants, we are glad to express our heart-felt pride and appreciation of this group for their hard work, perseverance and diligence in bringing the firm to the level of international standards and norms.

Keeping in mind the great strides, progress and development made by the U.A.E society in all fields, we are happy to be among this prosperous process in order to attain our desired goal of bringing out the best results to our valued clients through the latest researches and expertise made in this ever growing legal profession so, we kindly invite you to review this profile hoping it will attract your attention and satisfy your expectations.

Practice Area:

Property Law

Our firm has a very long and extensive experience in representing lessors, landlords & real estate companies as well as lessees and tenants before rent committees and is offering its judicial services to all parties in all cases relating to rent and lease contracts & disputes.

Commercial Law

Due to the commercial character of the U.A.E, business activity plays a special and basic role in its national economy. Hence, legal services in the field of business activity is one of the major and most important services provided by our firm where we represent companies and individuals at all stages of incorporation of companies and provide them with legal opinions on their various activities such

Civil Law

Our firm always looks forward to provide extraordinary legal services to its clients in the area of civil law due to its private nature, branching out & link with other related laws, and because it regulates civil transactions between individuals and companies alike .Here, we offer various services covering all branches of civil law

  • Commercial Law

  • Incorporation of Companies

  • Investment & Freezones

  • Property Law

  • Maritime Law

  • Civil Law

  • Personal Rights & Civil

  • Sport Law


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